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Prompts the user to select one item from a list of single-character choices in a batch program, and then returns the index of the selected choice. If used without parameters, choice displays the default choices Y and N. More information:

  • A,B and C as list of choices to be used:

choice /c {{ABC}}

  • Use the default [Y,N] list of choices:


  • Specify that the choices are case-sensitive:

choice /CS {{AaBb}}

  • Specify the number of seconds to pause before using the default choice specified by /d:

choice /C {{AaBb}} /t {{3}} /d {{b}}

  • Specify a message to display before the list of choices. If /m is not specified, only the choice prompt is displayed:

choice /m {{message}} /C {{ABC}}

  • Display help message:

choice /?