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Compare the contents of two files or sets of files. Use wildcards (*) to compare sets of files. More information:

  • Compare files interactively:


  • Compare two specified files:

comp {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Compare two sets of files:

comp {{path\to\directory1}}\* {{path\to\directory2}}\*

  • Display differences in decimal format:

comp /d {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Display differences in ASCII format:

comp /a {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Display line numbers for differences:

comp /l {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Compare files case-insensitively:

comp /c {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Compare only the first 5 lines of each file:

comp /n={{5}} {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}