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Compare the differences between two files or sets of files. Use wildcards (*) to compare sets of files. More information:

  • Compare 2 specified files:

fc {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Perform a case-insensitive comparison:

fc /c {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Compare files as Unicode text:

fc /u {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Compare files as ASCII text:

fc /l {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Compare files as binary:

fc /b {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Disable tab-to-space expansion:

fc /t {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}

  • Compress whitespace (tabs and spaces) for comparisons:

fc /w {{path\to\file1}} {{path\to\file2}}