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Install PowerShell modules from PowerShell Gallery, NuGet, and other repositories. More information:

  • Install a module, or update it to the latest available version:

Install-Module {{module}}

  • Install a module with a specific version:

Install-Module {{module}} -RequiredVersion {{version}}

  • Install a module no earlier than a specific version:

Install-Module {{module}} -MinimumVersion {{version}}

  • Specify a range of supported versions (inclusive) of the required module:

Install-Module {{module}} -MinimumVersion {{minimum_version}} -MaximumVersion {{maximum_version}}

  • Install module from a specific repository:

Install-Module {{module}} -Repository {{repository}}

  • Install module from specific repositories:

Install-Module {{module}} -Repository {{repository1 , repository2 , ...}}

  • Install the module for all/current user:

Install-Module {{module}} -Scope {{AllUsers|CurrentUser}}

  • Perform a dry run to determine which modules will be installed, upgraded, or removed through Install-Module:

Install-Module {{module}} -WhatIf