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A trace route tool combining features of ping and tracert. More information:

  • Ping and trace the route to a host:

pathping {{hostname}}

  • Do not perform reverse lookup of IP address to hostname:

pathping {{hostname}} -n

  • Specify the maximum number of hops to search for the target (the default is 30):

pathping {{hostname}} -h {{max_hops}}

  • Specify the milliseconds to wait between pings (the default is 240):

pathping {{hostname}} -p {{time}}

  • Specify the number of queries per hop (the default is 100):

pathping {{hostname}} -q {{queries}}

  • Force IPV4 usage:

pathping {{hostname}} -4

  • Force IPV6 usage:

pathping {{hostname}} -6

  • Display help:

pathping /?