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Delete files, folders, as well as registry keys and subkeys. This command can only be run through PowerShell. More information:

  • Remove specific files or registry keys (without subkeys):

Remove-Item {{path\to\file_or_key1 , path\to\file_or_key2 ...}}

  • Remove hidden or read-only files:

Remove-Item -Force {{path\to\file1 , path\to\file2 ...}}

  • Remove specific files or registry keys interactively prompting before each removal:

Remove-Item -Confirm {{path\to\file_or_key1 , path\to\file_or_key2 ...}}

  • Remove specific files and directories recursively (Windows 10 version 1909 or later):

Remove-Item -Recurse {{path\to\file_or_directory1 , path\to\file_or_directory2 ...}}

  • Remove specific Windows registry keys and all its subkeys:

Remove-Item -Recurse {{path\to\key1 , path\to\key2 ...}}

  • Perform a dry run of the deletion process:

Remove-Item -WhatIf {{path\to\file1 , path\to\file2 ...}}