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Replace files. See also: robocopy, move, copy, and del. More information:

  • Replace the destination file with the one from the source directory:

replace {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}}

  • Add files to the destination directory instead of replacing existing files:

replace {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /a

  • Interactively copy multiple files, with a prompt before replacing or adding a destination file:

replace {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /p

  • Replace even read only files:

replace {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /r

  • Wait for you to insert a disk before it replaces files (originally to allow inserting a floppy disk):

replace {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /w

  • Replace all files in subdirectories of the destination:

replace {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /s

  • Replace only files in the destination directory which are older than the files in the source directory:

replace {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /u

  • Display help:

replace /?