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Locate Visual Studio 2017 and newer installations. More information:

  • Find the path of vcvarsall.bat to set environment variables:

vswhere -products * -latest -prerelease -find **/VC/Auxiliary/Build/vcvarsall.bat

  • Find the directory of the x64 MSVC compiler (cl.exe, etc):

vswhere -products * -latest -prerelease -find **/Hostx64/x64/*

  • Find the directory of Clang bundled with Visual Studio bundled (clang-cl, clang-tidy, etc):

vswhere -products * -latest -prerelease -find **/Llvm/bin/*

  • Find the path of MSBuild.exe:

vswhere -products * -latest -prerelease -find MSBuild/**/Bin/MSBuild.exe