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Copy files and directory trees. More information:

  • Copy the file(s) to the specified destination:

xcopy {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}}

  • List files that will be copied before copying:

xcopy {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /p

  • Copy the directory structure only, excluding files:

xcopy {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /t

  • Include empty directories when copying:

xcopy {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /e

  • Keep the source ACL in the destination:

xcopy {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /o

  • Allow resuming when network connection is lost:

xcopy {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /z

  • Disable the prompt when the file exists in the destination:

xcopy {{path\to\file_or_directory}} {{path\to\destination_directory}} /y

  • Display help:

xcopy /?